Do you think you can recognise a narcissist simply by looking at their face? Well, recent research suggests that actually we can do it and there’s one particular thing, one aspect of someone’s face that’s very important when we’re judging.

I was reading an interesting article this week in Psychology Today that both describes what a ‘grandiose narcissist’ is and, also, a rather bizarre way of spotting one. The article defines one as someone whose behaviour is associated with ‘aggression, dominance, arrogance, entitlement & extroversion’ – not a particularly nice type of person. The article then goes on to quote research from the University of Toronto offering insights into how the shape of someone’s eyebrows can be a good indication.

It is worth me mentioning that psychology suggests we’re actually often initially attracted to narcissists. We can actually find them quite enthralling and want to be around them, but then it’s easy to see really what their behaviour is all about – themselves!

In this interesting research undertaken by a couple of psychologists at the University of Toronto, they got used computer animation to alter the faces of 2 groups of people – one group considered narcissists and others non-narcissists and the part of the face that seemed to be most important in differentiating the 2 groups was the dominance of the eyebrows. When they put non-narcissists’ eyebrows on the narcissists faces they were deemed less narcissistic and, when then they put the narcissists eyebrows on the non-narcissists, they were deemed more narcissistic. (I hope you follow!)

The important thing was the dominance of the eyebrows, do you know someone who you would consider a narcissist who’s got real dominant eyebrows, because apparently, according to this research, they can have a really big impact on how we define someone correctly who is narcissistic or not.

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Jonathan Bradshaw
The Meetology® Lab


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