Science-Based Social Skills Training for Successful Careers and Fulfilling Lives.

Because social interaction drives business events

Our interactions with other people underpin almost everything that we do in business. Yet for many, building the rapport we need to really connect with others at major business meetings & events is not something that comes naturally.

This masterclass focuses on overcoming barriers to connecting with others – such as shyness or nerves – and developing skills – like self-awareness, empathy, authenticity and observation – that people use to be confident, persuasive and likeable communicators.

When your attendees have great social skills and can interact effectively, the event is more successful as those attending achieve more. They network, learn, interact, discuss, collaborate, build rapport, consider, contribute, sell and ultimately perform. It’s all down to rapport.

What makes the Meetology® Masterclass different?

What sets our interpersonal communications training apart is evidence. Everything we put in the course, and the way in which we present it, is based on thorough behavioural research. If you want to know why we advocate a certain approach we’ve got the evidence to show you how and why it works. The course has been designed – and is constantly being updated and refined – by our team of social psychologists. Social interaction is their business.

What to expect

The content is based on years of rigorous scientific research, but the class itself is interactive, informal and fun. It gives your attendees insight into the fascinating behavioural science behind forming great connections with others. We talk briefly through what the research shows, then put the findings into action, experimenting and practising to see how different approaches work for different people in different situations.

Course structure

Our masterclass is structured around our 5-stage PCIRI behavioral model:

1: Prepare – How do you improve your confidence and get in the right mindset to interact with others effectively?

2: Connect – What does behavioral research suggest we do if we want to make an instant connection with someone?

3: Interact – What techniques can you use to make sure you build trust and rapport with others?

4: Resolve – What can you do prevent or overcome conflict and resolve disagreements?

5: Influence – How can you ethically influence and persuade others?

Specific skills and insights attendees leave with:

Your attendees leave with dozens of tips, tools, techniques and insights that they can use immediately. These include ways to:

  • Manage/overcome nerves and social anxiety
  • Instantly connect with other people
  • Make a great first impression
  • Communicate with clarity 
  • Build trust and rapport
  • Manage and overcome difficult situations 
  • Ethically influence & persuade

As well as interact more effectively at your event, attendees have gone on to use these skills in various aspects of their professional life to:

  • Build rewarding and successful business relationships
  • Improve their sales performance
  • Excel in job interviews
  • Network effortlessly at other business events
  • Negotiate a pay raise
  • Motivate, lead and inspire others

“As the official convention bureau and part of Dubai Tourism how our staff interact with meeting and conference organizers from all over the world is of the upmost importance. Meetology® designed and delivered a 1-day Meetology® Masterclass on interpersonal communication which was enjoyed tremendously by my team and delivered practical insights into how they can better interact both with team members within the organisation as well as the international clients we meet on a professional basis. I found the session of huge practical use and I highly recommend it.”

Steen Jakobsen
Dubai Business Events

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