This Is How You Should Smile If You Want To Be Seen As Genuine

You’ll likely know just what a powerful and positive effect smiling can have on other people. However, recent research suggests that the type of smile has an impact too.

The psychological benefits of smiling at somebody have been proven time and time again; however, did you know that research suggests that the type of smile has a big impact too?

Researchers at the University of Minnesota asked over 800 people to rate how genuine the smiles were on computer animated faces that they created, and then subtly changed the type of smile on each face.

The results were clear – those smiles that were really wide and showed lots of teeth were rated less positively. Thoserated the most positively were ones that revealed teeth but not extreme amounts.

The science behind effective smiles is obviously far more complex that just this one aspect, however, next time you’re considering giving a big, flashy, toothy smile consider that it might not be the best thing to do.

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Jonathan Bradshaw
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