Here at the Meetology Lab our passion is the psychology of exceptional social skills – face-to-face interaction – but, this week I want to focus on texting as research suggests there is one thing that you can add to a text message which has been shown to impact, potentially negatively, the way it is interpreted.

This week’s insight comes from the U.S. from researchers at the University of Binghampton in New York State and it relates to how a full stop (I think Americans call it a period) affected how the text was interpreted. According to the research texts with full stops were seen as written with a lot more irritation and perceived as slightly more aggressive.

Interestingly it doesn’t happen in typed or written letters but, when it came to texting, a short answer with a full stop was seen as written with more irritation.

Have a think how you send – or indeed interpret messages – and keep an eye open to see if this week’s strikes a chord with you too.

Please don’t forget to share this week’s insight and I’ll be back in a week’s time with some more meetology® – exploring the fascinating psychology powering exceptional people skills.

See you next week, until then take care,


Jonathan Bradshaw
The Meetology® Lab


Gunraj, D. N., Drumm-Hewitt, A. M., Dashow, E. M., Upadhyay, S. S. N., & Klin, C. M. (2016). Texting insincerely: The role of the period in text messaging. Computers in Human Behavior55, 1067-1075.