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Imagine if connecting with people was easy. Imagine if you had at your disposal a bag of tips, tricks and tools that made building good relationships simple. How would it change your personal and your professional life?

For most of us, people play a huge role in our professional lives. And then there are all those important people in our personal lives too. Even if you want to get away from them, you can’t. They’re everywhere: colleagues, customers, patients, pupils, friends, family or random strangers in intimidating networking situations. How you connect with them plays a big part in your success, and also – importantly – how much you enjoy your work and home life.

Our practical 1-day Meetology® Masterclass gives you the psychological insight and that bag of tricks that can make interpersonal communication one of your strengths.

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Because people skills are powerful

How you interact with other people is fundamental to who you are and just how successful you can be in your working life and in your personal life. Yet for many of us, building the rapport we need to really connect with others is tough.

If you find meeting and interacting with people hard work or nerve wracking, or you just know you could be doing it better, then this one-day communications masterclass is for you.

This workshop focuses on overcoming barriers you might have to connecting with others – such as shyness or nerves – and developing skills – like self-awareness, empathy, authenticity and observation – that you can use to be a confident, persuasive and likeable communicator.

When you have great social skills and can interact effectively with others, everything in your life works better.

What makes the Meetology® Masterclass different?

What sets our interpersonal communications training apart is evidence. Everything we put in the course, and the way in which we present it, is based on thorough behavioural research. If you want to know why we advocate a certain approach we’ve got the evidence to show you how and why it works. The course has been designed – and is constantly being updated and refined – by our team of social psychologists. Social interaction is their business.

What to expect

The content is based on years of rigorous scientific research, but the class itself is interactive, informal and fun. You’ll laugh, have hopefully more than a few aha! moments, and probably roll your eyes at some of our jokes.

We talk briefly through what the research shows, then put the findings into action, experimenting with each other to see how different approaches might work for you in different situations. It’s not formal, and you won’t have to stand up and do a presentation, you’ll just spend time interacting with others who want to learn exactly what you do.

Course structure

Our masterclass is structured around our 5-stage Meetology® Interaction Model:

1: Prepare – How do you improve your confidence and manage thoughts and feelings that could get in the way of you connecting with others effectively.

2: Connect – Yes, there really is scientific research (and an array of tools and tricks) for making an instant connection with someone.

3: Interact – What techniques can you use to make sure you have impact and come across clearly and confidently.

4: Resolve – What approaches and tools can you use to build trust, overcome conflict and resolve disagreements

5: Influence – How can you tap into your values and beliefs to influence and persuade others.

The skills and insights you get to take away

When you walk out the door you leave with dozens of insights and techniques that you can use immediately. Such as how to:

  • Manage and overcome nerves and be more confident
  • Instantly connect with others and make a great first impression
  • Bond and build trust and rapport with ease
  • Influence, persuade and convince others
  • Manage and resolve conflict
  • Maximise your charisma and personal impact
  • Be more assertive
  • Never forget a name
  • Better read people and spot a lie
  • Communicate with passion, flair and authority.

How you use these skills is up to you. In their professional lives, our attendees have gone on to use them to:

  • Build rewarding and successful business relationships
  • Improve their selling
  • Network more effectively at business events
  • Negotiate more effectively
  • Speak better in public
  • Motivate, lead and inspire others
  • Give persuasive sales presentations.

And in their personal lives to:

  • Deal better with conflict
  • Meet a new partner
  • Make new friends
  • Improve the quality of their relationships with their loved ones.
“I’ve had the great pleasure of hearing Jonathan Bradshaw speak on human interaction at a variety of international high-profile events. On every occasion, the audience was totally captivated by his subject material and the extremely engaging way in which Jon delivers it. He truly has the gift of taking innovative and often complex insights from behavioural science and getting his message over to audiences clearly and effectively, in a way that keeps them on the edge of their seats, hanging on to his every word.”

Rob Davison,
Senior Lecturer
University of Westminster, London

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