When it comes to the traditional three attributes that men (apparently) have to have to be attractive, you’ve probably heard of ‘tall’, ‘dark’ and ‘handsome’. However, research from Cambridge University suggests that it’s not being tall that is important. It’s actually the length of a man’s leg that can have the biggest impact.

The research relates to physical attraction in heterosexual relationships. In it 341 women were asked to rate the physical attraction of computer-generated male avatars and found one thing that seemingly had a positive effect on the ratings – the length of the legs that the avatars were given.

Those avatars that were given longer than average legs – just a little bit longer than average – got the highest scores. Interestingly, if they made the legs too long the scores actually were negatively affected as, apparently, if you’re a very lanky as a man and you have really long legs (or indeed much shorter than average legs too), according to this research, it can be linked to poor health.

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Jonathan Bradshaw
The Meetology® Lab


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