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One of the many things 2020 highlighted was what social creatures we humans really are. Because of Covid-19, social interaction for most people was severely limited which led to millions struggling with the loss of this basic human need.

Having been prevented from doing it, I believe that 2021 will see a huge desire for us to interact with others again and will therefore make having exceptional social skills (and therefore the subject of  Meetology®) even more important.

As we look to a more positive 2021, I am excited to announce that we’ll be launching an online membership product  –  an online community of people who want to level-up their performance, professionally and personally, by better connecting, interacting and communicating with everyone they meet.

We are busy behinds the scenes creating the platform and content, but to be among the first to know when we open membership, simply sign-up to my Meetology® Minute videos on the home page.

I look forward to sharing more news with you

Thank you,

Jonathan Bradshaw,  1st January 2021

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