Have you ever imagined how much more successful your next major business meeting or event would be if every attendee could list ‘social skills’ as one of their superpowers?

When you do, it doesn’t take long to realise that the ability of attendees to connect, interact and communicate effectively with each other powers the most productive conferences and business events; but how can you be sure that they are competent in this crucial ability?

Our flagship presentation – Meetology®: The Behavioral Science Powering Human Interaction – is a superb, memorable, engaging and interactive keynote that delivers practical, bite-sized nuggets of behavioral science. It will fascinate your attendees and leave them armed with practical tools and psychological insights into how they can connect more powerfully with everyone they meet, both at your event and in every other professional aspect of their lives too.

Creator of Meetology® Jonathan Bradshaw brings the research to life with stories, anecdotes, and real-life examples while backing-up the insights with brief, practical exercises that will get your audience interacting and exploring the science with those seated around them.

It will set a positive tone for your event, and shift the auditorium from being a roomful of reserved strangers to a roomful of people connected by a shared experience

Face-to-face social interaction is one behavior that you can guarantee every one of your attendees will be engaging in; superpower your event by equipping them with the skills to do it really, really well.

Contact us today; we’d be delighted to learn how we can mould this session to achieve the objectives of your next event.

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