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A Keynote Speech to get Your Delegates Talking

If you organise conferences or business events, you know just how important a keynote speech can be to the success of your event. You also know just how tricky it can be to find something remarkable. Well, you’ve just found both the subject and the speaker.

Our flagship keynote – Meetology® :The fascinating psychology powering interpersonal communication is – we can guarantee you – a memorable keynote that will inspire your delegates. It will set a positive tone for your event, and shift the auditorium from being a roomful of reserved strangers to a roomful of people connected through a shared experience. They’ll leave the session armed with practical tools and psychological insights into how they can connect more powerfully with everyone they meet, both at your event, and in every other professional and personal aspect of their lives.

And you’re left with one less thing to worry about.

Learn more about our keynote below and then contact us today for a chat about how we can adapt it to best suit the audience at your next event.  We look forward to delivering something very special.

Fascinating and practical

At the heart of our keynote is the question: “Why are our people skills one of the most important skills we possess?” Why, as humans, are we wired to want to interact with colleagues and co-workers friends and family; to smile, to share, to discuss and to meet. In short, why are we wired to be social. And why aren’t we all equally good at it?

By answering this with the latest findings from the fields of neuroscience and behavioural psychology, we explore how we as humans interact with others, and what makes a good communicator.

Our keynote session is delivered by the founder of Meetology® Lab, Jonathan Bradshaw. He presents intriguing evidence-based insights, as well as practical tips, tools and techniques to better connect and communicate with clients, customers, colleagues and friends.

Jon illustrates the science with stories and examples that will have your delegates nodding in recognition, and backs up the theory with brief practical exercises that will get them chatting and experimenting with those seated around them.

As a professional speaker, Jon has presented the psychology of interpersonal communication keynote at business events in over 30 countries. From the US to China, Australia to Argentina, Jon’s powerful stage presence and his light-hearted delivery have had audiences interacting and laughing whilst learning how to connect better with others.

Wired to be social

The presentation starts by using research from the fields of neuroscience to set out a compelling argument as to why our interpersonal skills are in fact one of the most important skills we possess. It looks at how we’ve evolved, to understand why we’re hard-wired to interact with others.

Building on this evolutionary tale, Jon then delves into the Lab’s rich archive of behavioural sciences research to present the audience with insights, tips, tools and techniques to connect, interact and communicate more effectively with people in all areas of their lives.

While we tailor our keynote presentation to suit your event and your audience, Jon structures the content around our 5-stage Meetology® Interaction Model:

1: Prepare – How do you improve your confidence and manage thoughts and feelings that could get in the way of you connecting with others effectively.

2: Connect – Yes, there really is scientific research (and an array of tools and tricks) for making an instant connection with someone.

3: Interact – What techniques can you use to make sure you have impact and come across clearly and confidently.

4: Resolve – What approaches and tools can you use to build trust, overcome conflict and resolve disagreements

5: Influence – How can you tap into your values and beliefs to influence and persuade others.

Practical application

As well as entertaining your audience, the content of our keynote will help them to be more successful in many ways, starting with making more valuable connections at your event.
When they walk out the door to get their refreshments, your delegates leave with dozens of insights and techniques that they can use immediately. Such as how to:

  • Manage and overcome nerves and be more confident
  • Instantly connect with others and make a great first impression
  • Bond and build trust and rapport
  • Influence, persuade and convince others
  • Manage and resolve conflict
  • Maximise your charisma and personal impact
  • Be more assertive
  • Better read people
  • Communicate with passion, flair and authority.

In their professional lives, delegates have gone on to use these skills to:

  • Build rewarding and successful business relationships
  • Improve their selling
  • Excel in job interviews
  • Network effortlessly at business events
  • Negotiate pay rises
  • Speak better in public
  • Motivate, lead and inspire others
  • Give persuasive sales presentations.

And in their personal lives:

  • Meet a new partner
  • Make new friends
  • Deal better with conflict situations
  • Improve the quality of their relationships with their loved ones

Here are just 3 examples from the vast library of exceptional testimonials from both clients and audience members that we are proud to have received. 

“The evaluations on your Meetology® keynote session yesterday were amongst the best we’ve ever had.  Reactions include ‘Brilliant’, ‘Excellent’, ‘Superb’ – with 5 stars across nearly the whole audience of retail professionals. Thank you! We look forward to discussions on having you back to host a Masterclass soon.”

Helen O’Dowd
Retail Excellence Ireland


“The Meetology® Lab’s recent presentation here in Estonia was something truly inspiring – everybody just loved it! Jonathan’s innovative approach to psychology and human interaction combined personal experience with scientific research and really made the audience think in a whole new way. Jon is an emotional and energetic speaker; a true professional who will we certainly be using again.”

Kadri Karu,
Estonian Convention Bureau


“Europe Congress has been using the Meetology® Lab’s Jonathan Bradshaw to keynote at our events for a number of years. We organise boutique business events throughout Europe at which we bring buyers and suppliers together for numerous face to face appointments and Jon’s presentation on the psychology of interpersonal communication has resulted in consistently exceptional feedback from our delegates as he shares science-based insights into how they can maximise their social skills. We already have him booked for our forthcoming events and highly recommend him.”

Alain Pallas
Managing Director
Europe Congress Ltd

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