Have you ever had a disagreement with somebody at work over email? Or perhaps got into an argument with someone online on social media?

Well, this week, I’ve got a fascinating insight from social psychologists who’ve looked into one thing you can do that can help alleviate the conflict in those situations.

The quick, simple and practical insight is to meet with the people concerned and hear their voice, as last year research was published that indicated that people come across as more “thoughtful, intelligent, rational and human like” when they did so.

The research was related to the American election of 2016 and looked into how Clinton and Trump supporters interacted with each other on social media. The psychologists concerned got people together from opposite sides of the political spectrum and asked them, having debated online, to then debate face to face and the impact on how each viewed the other person was as outlined earlier – very positive.

So, another great reason to meet face to face and an example as to why people skills are so important. Next time you find yourself getting in an argument with people online – whether professionally or personally – where possible, try to meet them face-to-face as hearing their voice is likely to start to help you communicate far more effectively.

I hope that is of use and I’ll be back in a week’s time with some more meetology – exploring the fascinating psychology powering exceptional people skills.

See you next week, until then take care,


Jonathan Bradshaw
The Meetology® Lab


Schroeder, Juliana, Michael Kardas, and Nicholas Epley. “The humanizing voice: speech reveals, and text conceals, a more thoughtful mind in the midst of disagreement.” Psychological science 28.12 (2017): 1745-1762.