How to Make a Great First Impression on the Opposite Sex

A smiling happy face has traditionally been expected to have a positive impact on others. Recent research however has suggested quite the opposite – in certain situations at least.

This week I’ve got some fascinating but rather unexpected results from a study into how to make a great first impression – especially in a romantic scenario.

In the study I’m referring to over 1000 heterosexual men and women were shown a photograph of the opposite sex and asked to rate the attractiveness of a man or woman in front of them. Now, as you may be aware, in the past we have certainly shared research into how smiling can have such a positive effect when it comes to social interaction so you might be surprised to know the results. When it came to women rating a man’s attractiveness a smiling man came at the very bottom of the list with those at the top rated instead as looking ‘moody’, ‘powerful’ and ‘proud’. In many ways it sounds quite old-fashioned and stereotypical but the psychologists who undertook the research suggested that a smiling man is possibly seen as less masculine by women.

Reverse the roles and when it came to men rating women in terms of attractiveness smiling women came out on top – rather more what we might expect perhaps.

So, I wonder how many of you who are online dating right now might want to change your profile picture based on this week’s insights!

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Jonathan Bradshaw
The Meetology® Lab


Happy guys finish last: The impact of emotion expressions on sexual attraction.
Tracy, Jessica L.; Beall, Alec T.Emotion, Vol 11(6), Dec 2011, 1379-1387.




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