Why Having an Empathetic Doctor Could Aid Your Recovery

Most of us go to the doctors numerous times in our lives. However, did you know that recent research has suggested their personality can have an impact on your expectations of how effective what they prescribe will be?

“I wonder if you’ve had the need to go to the doctors recently because this week I’ve got some fascinating psychology into how their face-to-face communication skills can actually increase the effectiveness of the medicine they prescribe.

The insight comes from research undertaken by psychologists at Stanford University and relates to the placebo effect – how your expectations and beliefs about a certain outcome can affect the outcome itself. In the research, 164 volunteers were administered an injection of histamine which causes an infection on the skin. They were then given an (inert) cream and were told it would either soothe the infection or make it worse.

The core of the experiment was linked to the way the doctors acted when offering the insights as to what the cream was likely to do as they were asked to show high or low levels of warmth and competence.

The results were really interesting as they indicated that the placebo effect was amplified when the patients interacted with warm and competent doctors. In other words, patients believed the cream would have a positive impact more when a warm and competent doctor told them.

In the study ‘competence’ was not related to people skills but ‘warmth’ was with doctors indicating it by making eye contact, sharing their first names and being generally more empathetic.

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Howe, L. C., Goyer, J. P., & Crum, A. J. (2017). Harnessing the placebo effect: Exploring the influence of physician characteristics on placebo response. Health Psychology, 36(11), 1074-1082.





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