Do you Get Embarrassed Easily? Research Suggests it can be a Good Thing.

Whilst you might not particularly like the feeling of being embarrassed, research suggest that it serves a positive and powerful social function.

If you’re someone who gets embarrassed easily you’re going to enjoy this week’s insight as research suggests it can have many positives in social situations.

I’ve been lucky enough to present on meetology® in over 30 countries and if you’ve ever been in the audience you may have heard me talk about how, as a teenager, I used to get embarrassed really easily. I used to go red if a girl I liked spoke to me or even if our teacher asked me a question in class. Maybe you too had a similar experience but grew out of it as you got older. Well, for anyone who still gets embarrassed – and let’s be honest, we all muck up from time to time – the news from American researchers will be music to your ears as it suggests that people showing signs of embarrassment were seen as more virtuous and more pro-social. In short they were seen as more authentic and more genuine.

This links to research that suggests a similar positive aspect to highlight mistakes and vulnerability. The fact is we aren’t always perfect and super-confident so if this strikes a chord with you then I hope you can be less worried about blushing or showing signs of embarrassment as it might be having a really positive impact on how others see you.

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Jonathan Bradshaw
The Meetology® Lab


Feinberg, Matthew, Robb Willer, and Dacher Keltner. “Flustered and faithful: Embarrassment as a signal of prosociality.” Journal of personality and social psychology 102.1 (2012): 81.




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