Why Eating 3 Eggs for Breakfast may Make you More Tolerant

You probably know from personal experience that food can have an impact on your general mood; however, recent research has suggested that what you eat may change a specific behaviour too.

As you might know if you read my weekly blogs often, I especially enjoy sharing slightly bizarre and unusual insights that psychology highlights and this week’s certainly falls into that category. It comes from Germany and it’s linked to what food you eat, specifically in this case the type of breakfast that you have – low-carb or high protein, as, having undertaken various experiments, psychologists in Germany have suggested that a low-carb / high protein diet could help you be more tolerant with others.

In the research they asked volunteers to take part in quite a popular psychological experiment in which they were put into pairs and one of the two partners given some money. The person with the money was then told that they have to split it with the other person in whatever percentage they wanted but that, crucially, unless their partner agreed they would both get nothing.

The results were really interesting as those who had eaten a low-carb breakfast were more likely to accept a lower offer from their partner – 76% vs 47% in one case.

The psychologists suggested that the reason may be to do with the fact that protein contains a precursor for the chemical dopamine which is released into our bodies when we feel rewarded and therefore, if you’ve had lots of protein, you may already feel more predisposed to say yes to an offer that, under different circumstances, you may have potentially refused.

So, could eggs & chicken be useful as opposed to porridge tomorrow?

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Strang, Sabrina, et al. “Impact of nutrition on social decision making.” Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (2017): June 20, 2017 vol. 114 no. 25.




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