Have you ever considered how the response you get from someone when interacting can be hugely affected by the type of question you ask them?

This week I want to share a brilliant question that was asked to me recently in a shop and really highlights the importance of this fact.

When you go into a shop, what question do you generally get asked? I normally get asked “Can I help you?” giving me the option of saying  “No, I’m just browsing” as I, and hundreds of other shoppers, regularly do. The question doesn’t leave the sales assistant anywhere to go does it, as it stops the conversation and interaction straightaway.

Which is why this question was fantastic and we can learn a lot from it.

The event happened in a health food shop and, when I walked in, the sales assistant looked up from the till said hi and then said the following four words: “What brings you in?”

“What brings you in?”, now I couldn’t say “no, I’m just browsing” to that could I? In fact I was thinking about buying some protein so I told him this without really thinking and, no sooner could I say “nutrition”, I was in the corner of the shop being sold protein.

It’s really interesting how the way you phrase questions changes the answers you get. For example, just think about the questions you ask – “Are you okay?” versus “How are you feeling?” – “Can I help you?” versus “How can I help?”.

This week try to be aware of how you phrase questions as, the more open they are, the more information you can get which can help you and the person you’re interacting with communicate more effectively and have a more fruitful discussion.

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Have a good start to the New Year and  I’ll be back in a week’s time with some more meetology, helping you thrive professionally and personally by making people skills one of your superpowers.

See you next week, until then take care,


Jonathan Bradshaw
The Meetology® Lab

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