This week’s research comes from Japan where psychologists have identified a small behaviour that seems to have a profound and positive impact on how people are perceived by others.

Interestingly, I have often noticed TV reporters doing it before they start their piece to camera when they are on screen in a live link up from the studio.

Yes, have you ever noticed that, even before they say anything, they are already nodding?

Well, if you have, there may be some science behind it as it seems nodding can be a really positive thing to do as, in studies, it was linked to being seen as more approachable and likeable – in some cases by up to 40%.

However, the research also comes with a word of warning in that if you nod when someone is telling you something that, under normal circumstances, you wouldn’t agree with, the very act of nodding can actually increase the chances of you starting to agree with the other person, so beware.

So, a simple suggestion this week – if you want to come across as more likeable, nod more!

I hope this week’s insight proves of practical use and I’ll be back next week with some more meetology® – helping you thrive professionally and personally by making people skills one of your superpowers.

See you in 7 days,


Jonathan Bradshaw
The Meetology® Lab


Osugi, Takayuki, and Jun I. Kawahara “Effects of Head Nodding and Shaking Motions on Perceptions of Likeability and Approachability.” Perceptions (2017) 0301006617733209