2 Social Situations that make Authentic Communication More Difficult

Whilst we all want to communicate our beliefs and views clearly and accurately to other people, research has suggested 2 specific situations when it can be harder to do.

Communicating with clarity and authenticity is really important when it comes to effective interpersonal communication, but did you know research has uncovered 2 scenarios that make this more difficult?

The insight comes from research undertaken at the University of Arkansas and suggests that both when we have had a bit too much to drink and when we are under time pressure, we can communicate less clearly.

In the research, participants were asked to explain their political views and in each case after a few drinks, or when they had limited time to do so, their views tended to drift to the right.

Now, this isn’t about what political view is more favourable, but instead can help us avoid those situations as, if we assume that the more accurate political view the participants hold is when sober and relaxed, then those expressed after a drink or under time pressure are potentially likely to be inaccurate.

The learning this week is simple – if you want to communicate something that is really important to you, such as an important topic, beliefs, values or viewpoints, then consider avoiding alcohol and give yourself plenty of time to have a relaxed interaction with other people. It could help you express yourself more accurately.

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Jonathan Bradshaw
The Meetology® Lab


Eidelman, Scott, et al. “Low-effort thought promotes political conservatism.” Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin 38.6 (2012): 808-820.




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