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  • “…Jonathan’s conference here in Mexico City was amazing! His understanding of how attendees can interact more effectively gave the audience practical ideas to use at the event and beyond…” PI, Mexico City, Mexico

  • “…the mix of science-based research AND experience is something few can match and the passion and energy for using psychology to help aid interpersonal communication is unmistakable. I was thoroughly impressed…” JP, Dallas, USA

  • “…the sales training course that the Meetology® Group delivered was exceptional and I am convinced it has played a big part in the recent increase in productivity.” SB, London, England

  • “…their innovative approach to psychology and human interaction combined personal experience with scientific research and really made our audience think in a whole new way…” KK, Tallinn, Estonia

  • “…thank you for your presentation, the feedback has been absolutely tremendous…” KP, San Juan, Puerto Rico